Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stepping Up

Marketing is a strange business.

I've been trying to form a marketing plan - and I find that I've got a couple of pieces missing.

These aren't large pieces, but they have made my marketing efforts piecemeal, instead of straight forward and seamless. I've got books here and there, this blog, Face Book, Twitter, myspace, wordpress, Goodreads AND the books.

So putting up a webpage, which I can do myself, would be a tremendous hassle. (Yeah, just what I need, another item on my already-full plate.) I can't imagine trying to sit down and do 15 or 20 hours of coding on top of the Uttter Chaos my Real Life has become.

So, I need a splash page, or a web-site of some sort to get all this organized so people can find my books and my links all in one place.


Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Isn't that what the blog is for? Even if you haven't used this Jordan's Croft as a landing zone for your writing platform until now, couldn't you just use it that way now?

Have you see how much Emlyn Chand does on hers blog? She's with Blogger, by the way, it's not some specially hosted magic; she just has the URL redirect to her blogger space (or her blog redirect to her domain name--I never remember which way that goes) And note that she hasn't done it all at once, just one piece at a time, little by little as she can add it. That's also how I built mine up. Took me 6 or 7 weeks just to get the color schemes and widgets where I wanted them on Webbiegrrl's Writings--and that blog had already existed from back in 2003!

You've made changes here to Jordan's Croft. Make some more. Make this a landing for your readers and fans. Make this the source for all of your postings (and use automation tools like Networked Blogs to feed it out to your Facebook so you don't have to deal with that).

You sound overwhelmed by it all. I've been trying to point out to you, the key is to automate automate and automate. Doing all this crap manually would overwhelm Superman, Supergirl and their little dog, Krypto, too! ^_^

Ms Kitty said...

I've been working with this blog for a couple of years. Never found a color scheme I was happy with.

Automation will help. I'm getting there, it's taking a lot of time.

Ms Kitty said...

Back to this - I'm uncomfortable with using Ms Kitty's blog - this blog was never intended to be 'me.'

It was meant to be more political commentary. Until I got sucked into the Indie 'platform' biz - writing was only a small part of this blog.