Monday, August 8, 2011

New Cover!

At long last I have a great cover for 'Let's Do Lunch!'

I would post it here, but it is a PDF not a jpeg, so we are out of luck.

However! I have approved the cover and the interior design. It is only a matter of time before I have a proof in my hands.

Odd phenomena --

'Let's Do Lunch' continues to get hits on Smashwords. The book usually sells in the middle of the month, not at the first of the month. But all month long it gets steady hits and sampling from the Smashwords page. I had thought that since it got 132 downloads in the Smashwords July promotion that traffic would slow down. It hasn't.

 Another thing I find odd is that I can't find 'Let's Do Lunch' on the Women's Fiction list. It used to be on page 5 of the 'search by ratings.' No longer.

'Swallow the Moon' is on the first page of Smashwords, Women's Fiction best sellers. I find this odd because I sold a lot more copies of 'Let's Do Lunch' during the promotion.

'Swallow the Moon' is number 42 on the  Smashwords 'Must Buy' list on Goodreads.

I'm THRILLED to announce that 'Coming Home - Dicky's Story' is #2 on the same list! Go Sarah!


Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Thanks Kat! I'm delighted and honestly, I don't mind being #2 behind Melissa's #1 ...she's another smart lady writer!

You do realize you're just being a big tease by mentioning you have the cover but not showing it to us! I mean you COULD convert the PDF to a JPG yourself *hmph* Like I said, Tease! :) Can't wait for the big reveal

Ms Kitty said...

Anticipation is the key.

Stay tuned!