Monday, August 22, 2011

Look What I Found!

I was reading tweets today, and found a gem Indie Reader a website that is targeting READERS not writers.

The one thing that I've always found just plan strange is the amount of time that Indie Authors spend spamming/marketing to EACH OTHER and not to readers.

I mean it, how weird IS that?

Hanging in the Indie Ghetto is great for making friends, but I hang out with people who don't read my genre at all. No offense, but I can't imagine Andre Jute reading 'Swallow the Moon' on his Kindle.

I'm just not his type, or Allen, Jason or Nigel's type. I hang out with too many writers of other genre.

So where do you go to find readers? Amy and her crew may have a solution. They were mentioned on a site (was it NYT?) that gave them some pointers.

So I've decided to give them a plug, and a space on my Links list.


Kurt Brindley said...

Love the article, Kat.

Now that I'm laid up, I'm still getting used to the whole me as a pretentious writer thing, but I definitely feel what you're talking about. The whole indie scene seems so incestuous and, quite frankly, a bit creepy. But, it's fun nonetheless and I'm sure it's more me with the rookie heebie jeebies than anything else.

Another aspect of it all that I find amusing is how many unknown writers there are blogging about how to become successful writers.

Cracks me up.

Great blog Kat! Consider me a fan.

Ms Kitty said...

Hey Kurt!

We CAN get really deep into the Indie Writer Ghetto if we like. It is a time suck that leaves little time for writing or read life.

It is much better over here in the 'shallow end,' less pressure, less competition.

I'm all for supporting other Indies. Which is why I post useful information here. Mostly this is where I post my musings.

A couple of people have mentioned going to that site to check it out.

I've got copies of my books to a couple reviewers. I'm hoping they can get the word out because there are more Kindle commercials on the Tube every day.

You are welcome to poke around this website. See if anything amuses you.