Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Things Add Up

There are so many little things that need my attention in any given day.

Little dogs (5 this week), little cleaning, little cooking, various little computer tasks (6 computers last count) and a bunch of e-books to market. This is all part of living on a little farm.

There are also little victories.

Today's accomplishment is a small one, but a good one. My discarded scene from "Let's Do Lunch" has been viewed 99 times this month. This came about because I used it for #SampleSunday which garnered 50 some hits. Hot Damn! Tag McTaggart gets his day in the spotlight!

Very soon, I will be holding this book in my hand.


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Ms Kitty said...

Speaking of add things up. I'm amazed and very grateful to have so many followers here on Jordan's Croft!

There are also 62 twitter followers!

AND this site gets more than 40 hits on the average day.