Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Adventure in Printing

At noon on Tuesday, I got the message from Create Space. My covers were ready for approval.

They both were very nice, even though they were on opposite sides of the spectrum. The first was dark and colorful, a bit of elaborate font and good artwork.

But the second concept was MUCH better. Very simple, modern with just a hint of e-pulp fiction to it. There was just 1 problem. It was a 'fine dining' restaurant - bow-tied waiters with towels over their arms.

SO close, but a total miss!

I suggested a change, (get rid of the window and the waiters) sent them the photo of the Deli and will hope for the best.

The interior also came in. The first thing I noticed was the font matched the cover I wasn't going to use. Then I realized I gave them the wrong front matter.

They said I get 80 changes. I sincerely hope I won't need them all.


Webbiegrrl Writer said...

What, we don't get to see these two samples ourselves? You did tell them "diner" right? And if you wanted "pulp fiction" they'll prob come up with some silver bullet diner shot - get ready for it!

Yeah, hope you don't need all 80 changes, too!

Ms Kitty said...

Not the first round.

These are rough drafts, the next ones will be more interesting.

I'm just pleased with the results, so far.