Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time to Eat My Words - The Lion is King

I have been royally ticked off at the present administration. I felt they had dropped the ball on the Kill Medicare bill. The budget debate, the ridiculous birther issues, the compromising with the Tea Party made me crazy - so I called our leader and chief a cowardly lion.

Then I saw the Correspondent's Dinner - heard the opening and realized that timing is a priceless quality that can't be faked. The opening display of his birth certificate - the humor, the priceless darts at those who had mocked him. His timing and delivery was as good as anything Jon Stewart EVER did.

I take all my barbs about 'cowardly lions' back on the basis of that performance alone. This is before Sunday night - before the President announced the demise of Bin Laden. Which makes all the joking at the Correspondent's Dinner vastly funnier - pointed and priceless, a 'Coup de grĂ¢ce' to all the mockery this administration has endured.

I have to admit I never thought we would get Bin Laden. Now that he is no more - I look at the people who are trying to take credit for Obama's Victory and I get worked up all over again. Until I think about it - most of the people doing all the crowing have one little problem...they can't leave the country. If they do, and I think there are a dozen of them, they may find themselves up on charges for War Crimes.

Yes, the former administration's finest players are working hard to justify what they did in the court of public opinion - because International Law is waiting to pounce on them.

Justice comes in a lot of different forms. Some are more satisfying than others.

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