Monday, May 9, 2011

The Sun Has Returned!

I was starting to think we'd never see the sun again. Everything is soggy as noodles in week old soup. The pasture is more green and lush than ever - so I'm not going to complain too much. All the seed and manure spread over the winter paid off again.

The news from Chicken World is good - I've got eggs in the incubator, a hen on eggs and a duck on eggs. Soon there will be even more baby critters running around.

The first batch of chicks have turned into mini-chickens. I've tagged the ones most likely to be roosters for sale at the farmer's market. They are aggressive little tykes and take a great deal of pleasure beating on the hobbit chickens.

This is where it gets interesting - I have to separate the young roosters before they get on Mickey's nerves. He will kill them while they are small if there are too many running around. Sony would get them into the duck pond and drown them. (Sorry, but nature is not always pretty.)

I should get some picture posted of the flower beds. They are a weedy mess at the moment, but I'm working on them. The chickens are getting the debris, the horses are donating compost and I'm mulching the heck out of it in hope I can keep the weeds down.

The summer season has kicked off with the hanging of the wind-chimes. That sound will get me out of bed and onto the porch in the morning. With the lawn mowed and trimmed and a few flowers blooming - I can drink coffee in utter bliss.

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Jean Davis said...

Glad to hear you're drying out and able to appreciate what sounds like a wonderful spring full of healty baby critters. :)