Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Short Story - 'Impressive Bravado'

I just released a short story - to Amazon. It wouldn't go through Pubit! So I distributed it through Smashwords today. The story has been up as a freebie on Smashwords since May 17, 11.

I did this just to see what would happen. It has blurbs for 'Let's Do Lunch' and 'Swallow the Moon' so it has advertising benefits. The best part is that it was a hit - 200 hits in the first 2 days and 35 copies downloaded. To date there have been 80 copies downloaded.

A side benefit was I sold a copy of 'Let's Do Lunch' on Amazon. The first sale in 2 1/2 months was a surprise. It also proves that it doesn't pay to give up.

'Impressive Bravado' is a light-hearted and satirical look at the horse whisperer phenomena. There is a grain of truth in it - as I encountered a version of Aquitania while out and about. She stuck in my mind - as such a character would. I expect to see more of her and Dr. Katie McCarty DVM as time goes on.

Deputy Sheriff Shallamon calls Katie McCarty DMV for her opinion of horse mutilations. Someone is targeting local stallions for unauthorized neutering. Anyone with the bravado to sneak into a barn and perform these operations has to be crazy. Is it barn rivalry or something even more sinister? (Short Story - 7k words)

I have the story at $.99 to generate a few sales while I'm in the final stages before 'Swallow the Moon' goes to the editor. Real life has interfered with my writing until I feel like I'm starting all over again. This time I'm starting small and working up to the launch. 

 Watch this space for a guest post.

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