Monday, May 30, 2011

Me and My Nook - Changing the Way I View Books

I was writing a review about 'Water for Elephants' when I realized just how profoundly my attitude towards books has changed.

"Oddly enough - I'm glad that I bought an e-book not a DTB book. I wouldn't want to have the paper book around. I have too many books that I love - it doesn't seem right to have one I merely like. When I think about that statement, I understand just how profound an effect e-books have had on me. Not only am I buying more books - but it's changed the way I look at DTBs."

What a change for a former book hoarder. My attitude towards books had a profound shift - I'm even looking at shelf space differently.

 I'm buying and reading at least 1 or 2 books a month. I used to read more - but was gleaning them from thrift stores and flea markets. I don't do that anymore. As more backlist hits the internet I'll be reading some old favorites.

How can I put this into words?

I am mentally dividing books into categories - snack-like books - read once and not again. Good stuff for entertainment - like 'Water for Elephants' a good read but not a 'keeper.' The higher quality books that I want to have on the shelves. Which right now means non-fiction books on writing, gardening and food economics. There is my collection of Nora Roberts, Elizabeth Peters and Janet Evonovich some in hardback  because I couldn't wait for the next book.

So here I am - does this make me a reformed book hoarder?

No - but my library is now for reference purposes. I can buy non-fiction without feeling guilty about the number of books on my shelf. Anything that lets me buy more books without having to find shelf space for them is a GOOD thing!


Rosanne Dingli said...

I wonder if this will happen to me, if and when I buy my electronic gizmo. I suppose it's inevitable, but mixed feelings abound. I'm glad I got your impression.

Ms Kitty said...

I feel free to read more and read things that I normally wouldn't look at. I've read some really good Indie books, a few bad ones, some old books and new books at bargain prices.

I got a first run for $9.99 when only the hard back was out for $26. 'Water for Elephants' was $6 - so I can't fault the e-book. It's paying for itself and quickly!

Also - try loading your stories on the e-read and proofreading. It's amazing what jumps out at you!