Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quick and Dirty Complaint

My return to Authonomy was a gesture of good faith. It appeared that the trolls and sock puppets had been taken care of. I brought my re-drafted novel and started up the charts in the old fashioned way. I was enjoying myself.

I was mistaken. There have been several attempts to have serious conversations about writing - but the trolls (who now have cutesy troll avis) ruin it by posting foul things like bad kids wanting Mom's attention.

Authonomy Sucks for Talking About Writing is the perfect example. Steve got 1 post - the trolls took over.

This is after the post where Team Authonomy laid down the law.

I have always thought that Authonomy was the perfect place to launch 'Swallow the Moon' because of the world-wide exposure. Right up until the last troll invasion it was working like a charm.

I've changed my mind.


Ms Kitty said...

I'm looking into the functions of Goodreads' author dashboard. There appears to be some neat functions that will get things going.

Jean Davis said...

Sorry your return didn't work out. :( I've heard good things about Goodreads.

Ms Kitty said...

The more I learn about Goodreads the more I like them.

Book #2 needs to have a few final tweaks before I launch it. So, who knows, it may turn out to be a good thing.

Sarah, The Webbiegrrl Writer said...

I wrote a really nice and somewhat long, detailed reply to this and Blogger decided to not post it. I can't bring myself to type it again. You said it already. Authonomy sucks now. It didn't in 2008. It's definitely a shame, a waste of a good writer community.

Ms Kitty said...

Too bad, Sarah, it would have been fun to compare notes.

I did find someone who really wanted to read the entire manuscript for 'Swallow the Moon' - I sent it to her, as is.

I'm going to take the time to finish the book - and if I have to run away from home to do it - I will.

Rosanne Dingli said...
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Rosanne Dingli said...

Authonomy attracts some people for all the wrong reasons. It also suffers more than some other places from human frailty. Writing is prey to envy more than some other pursuits, and places like Authonomy are perfect breeding grounds. It's either scratching each others' back or trying to avoid trolls - the energy you need for writing and editing is sapped. I looked at it once and never shall again. Try a real-time writer's group, or try to join a well-established critique group - both are harder, but they work much, much better. What's absolutely vital is that you do NOT rely on your own eyes only.

James Rainsford said...

Hi Ms Kitty,
Interesting take on Authonomy. I agree that the site is no use as a potential route to publication, but it's useful for some of the genuine comments on one's writing.
The forums can also be fun, as long as you don't contribute too often. I find that reading the forums, simply reinforces my low opinion of most peoples sensitivity and intelligence.
Authonomy has certainly attracted more than its fair share of mediocre thinkers.
Kind regards, James

Outback Writer said...

I know, they are absolutely horrible. I only stay becuse sometimes there are good posts with excellent advice. It's a shame that the trolls are permitted to take over.

I'm on Kindle, which has some brilliant discussions, supportive members and great advice. So far, I've not encounters any spite.

I've also just registered with Book Country, the Penguin site.

Ms Kitty said...

As of today there seem to be fewer trolls - I can think of three very unpleasant people whose threads, books and comments are gone.

There are actually a couple of intelligent conversations going on.

Yes, if it wasn't for the feedback from a wide varity of people I'd take my books off again. However, I think that I'll hold off for a few more weeks. Just until the Goodreads launch of my new book.