Saturday, March 12, 2011

Read an e-Book Week

I've put "Let's Do Lunch" in the Smashwords promotion that ends today.

All I can say is Holy Sh!t. As of 3:30 pm there have been 50 books 'sold' to customers. These people are NOT sampling - they are taking the book!

I've broken the 100 copy barrier! YAHOO!!!!!!!!

Even if the majority of these people are collectors, not readers - this has been the biggest week of 'sales' yet!

About the 100 copy barrier - the common wisdom is that a self-published book will never sell more than 100 copies. However this is backed by Nielson Book scan claiming the 'average' trade published book only sells 18 copies.

So with 115 or so books sold - I've broken that barrier and I'm SO happy about it. The day isn't over yet, I think the sale runs until midnight EDT.

Get your copy of "Let's Do Lunch" while it is still free.


Rosanne Dingli said...

Well done, Kat - it's on the way!

Cyndi Tefft said...

Congrats! Now let's hope all those readers come back and post reviews for you. :)


Ms Kitty said...

Thank you both! At this point I'd be happy if they would read the book and tell a friend about it.

I think this has put me at 120 to 130 copies out.

I've given away 65 freebies. Now, if they would only tell a friend or two each about the book.

Ms Kitty said...

Final count was 72 books out!

How cool is that?