Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Cover for 'Lets Do Lunch'

This is a cute little cover that Bradley Wind did for LDL that I have never used.

I thought I should post this and see what people think.

I think my name is too small, but I like the rest of it.

 I think it captures the theme of the book very well.


dldzioba said...

I really like this cover. The concept is great.

Ms Kitty said...

I thought it was pretty cool, too. I'm just not sure how it will translate as a thumbnail.

I think I will give this cover a run next week on Amazon.

Sarah, The Webbiegrrl Writer said...

Although I like the general concept, I'm not sure a sugar packet is the right thing to use because you have the words "pure sugar" where your name ought to be. Is it a subtitle? A more relevant theme for the book than merely "food" or a "restaurant menu" would have been? I really liked the idea of a menu with LDL in a cursive font as the restaurant's name on the front, top and your name in a block font along the bottom of the menu.

Here, you have your name in another bad font, elsewhere, almost hard to find (never mind that it's too small). Because of the "zoomed in" feeling of this frame's graphical composition, I don't associate your name with the book title. I associate "pure sugar" with the book title. If it's not a subtitle for the book, take the "pure sugar" off the packet and put your name onto that one--in the same color as the rest of the text on the white packets. Oh and add some effects, like a thin, translucent drop shadow, to give the text on the packets some depth.

But basically, I do not like the packets or the composition of this frame, overall. Maybe it's because I get motion sick, but being zoomed in this far repels me from the image. Kind of the same as when cinematographers like to zoom in and out on movies. I find it repllent, physically, and purposefully avoid them/their work in the future.

NOT what effect you were seeking, methinks.

Ms Kitty said...

hmm - another good point about the 'pure sugar' on the sugar packet.

Bradley does a lot of free covers on Authonomy. He did these for me when I first posted the book.

What do I want the cover to say about the book?

Restaurant setting, the drugs are being passed in sugar packets so the packets are a hint.

What I don't like about either cover is the font and size of my name. It may not make any difference in the long run, but it bugs me.

Jean Davis said...

At first glance, it reads that Pure Sugar is the author. I had to search to find your name.

If sugar packets have a hinted meaning within in the book, then the small one on the side would work well enough. I'd put your name where the Pure sugar is and make that look more like a menu cover instead of a second sugar packet. The font for LDL seems fine.

Donna Fasano said...

I like the cover, but I agree with you when you say your name isn't large enough. However, I must ask...with both of us being authors, could our names ever be large enough? :-D

Ms Kitty said...

So true, Donna, so true!

I'm still puttering around with covers. Thanks to Sarah - there is hope that there will be a better one out soon.

Ms Kitty said...

BTW - I've noticed one very annoying result of changing covers - It seems that every page I look at has a different cover.

Once I decide on a cover, I'm going to have to track all over the Web to replace these pictures.

What a freaking hassle.