Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pulp Fiction - a Bit of Brainstorming

Will the "Pulp Fiction" moniker replace "Indie Author" in the minds of - er - well - Indie writers?

I've always been taught that you can't DO a negative. If I say to someone "I'm NOT a trade published writer....blah, blah, blah." They will reply with "Then who ARE you?" I'm stuck looking stupid "the hell if I know."

Andre Jute - this is all your fault. If you hadn't started that post on Kindle Boards Cream rising I wouldn't have started brainstorming all this stuff about awards which led me to branding (whatcacallit is a lousy name for a genre) - which led me to getting my back up about the "Death of Culture" crack that....nevermind.

This isn't so much for my own work as it is for Mother's stories. There are so many that nothing really ties them together - except there is a general style to them. Mom loves it. "I write pulp fiction," she said at the dentist office yesterday. The girl got it.

I posted a cleaned up version of the first post to Nookboards (crickets!) then Kindleboard where it got a number of responses. I wasn't the first to use it, but I am the first to suggest wholesale adoption of it.

Let's make it OUR label. That way I can say "I wrote a dime novel called "Let's Do Lunch" that sells for $.99 on Kindle and Nook." It sounds catchy. Descriptive, positive, and vaguely qualifying.

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Andre Jute said...

"Andre Jute - this is all your fault. If you hadn't started that—"

Reminds me of a more youthful self -- more hair! -- saying to a succession of representatives of lornorder when I was a student, "But, Sergeant, I wasn't even there when it happened."

Ms Kitty said...

hehehe - innocent until proven guilty since I'm in the US.

Now I'm confused, it may have been someone else. hmmm - I have a bad case of CRS.