Saturday, January 29, 2011

Recap of 2010 - Setting Goals for 2011

As the month comes to a close - I have to draw a sigh of relief. Real Life has settled down - for the moment. My project for the month - that had nothing to do with writing - was to get my antique Western Union clock running on time. I've had it running a few times, but always loosing time. This time I used 2 sets of 2 D cells - and he's running like a champ!

Mom and I are working on getting her stories sorted and ready to publish. I transferred  her index to a spreadsheet - I have the title, word count, page count, and a brief(!) subject. I also copied that index, tweaked it and added some vendor columns so I can track the date published to each vendor.

It appears that sales of "Let's Do Lunch" will end up at 12. Most of them sold at $3.25. Since I dropped the price to $.99. I will not change prices again. No matter what sales of "Let's Do Lunch" do - the price is the price until August 2011.

I also have a title for the second book in the 'Dark Harbor' series. So Book #4 is simmering in the background. The theme has changed a bit - 'the sins of the mother' has replaced 'he wants to be a rock star.' Quite an improvement.

Editing has stalled for "Swallow the Moon" I'm now wigging out over the book cover and the number of comma errors in the first chapter. The cover needs COLOR I'm worried that it won't stand out.

Also of concern are covers for the Ice Road Anthology stories. There is no way we can afford to hire out 220-odd covers. There are a dozen volumes to the anthology. What a project! I'm not sure how to tackle something this large. Plus it's not like Mom can work 8 or 12 hour days until we get this done. Not an option - though we will give it a couple hours a day.

Finally, I'm avoiding Authonomy for a few days. There are still some interesting looking books, but I need to get "Swallow the Moon" published before I do any more reading.


Jen Daiker said...

Hi *waves* I just came across your blog!! I've been looking for some new fun chick lit reads and someone suggested your novel "Let's Do Lunch" so naturally I had to make my way over here to see the awesome!!!

Ms Kitty said...

Hello and welcome!

I hope you enjoy the story!

Ms Kitty said...

I'm not sure about "Awesome," at this point I'm just pleased that readers like the story.

I've been afraid that people would see it as 'Awful.' However, even the guys who read the book enjoy the story.

E-mail me if you have any questions or comments -

dldzioba said...

Oh my, that seems like a ton of work, but I'm sure you can get through it like the Pro you are. :D

Ms Kitty said...

It is a lot of work! However, these are goals for the year - not the next few weeks.

Mom is still sorting the stories into binders. I've started editing the first story.