Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kitty Caves In - "Let's Do Lunch" Now $0.99

After reading everything on the e-book price debate on the blogs of 'e-book' and 'Indie Publishing' community, I have caved to the pressure to sell my book for the bare-assed minimum price.


My BFF and I went to eat Chinese while I sniveled about it for an hour. Bless her heart, she agreed, this is a big bummer. That's the beauty of having a BFF.

Pricing by length is common sense. Pricing a 75k novel the same as a short story is just crazy. Whatever, its done, it's over and anyone who wants to buy it cheap can from here on out. I'm not going to change prices again.

Now I'm going to get over it.


Lexi said...

Ms Kitty, the price you charge is entirely up to you; right now, a lot of people are telling others what they should charge (mostly advising a higher price, on the forums I frequent).

I remember when I lowered the price of Remix from £2.99 to 86p. It seemed crazy and wrong; but I was selling very few copies, and had nothing to lose. Within days, sales picked up. So far, my January sales are 4,351.

Remember, authors need readers, the more the better; selling 1,000 ebooks actually costs you the same as selling 10; if you don't make more money this way, you can put the price up again :o)

Ms Kitty said...

Actually, Lexi, I was thinking of you when I made my final price cut.

I adore "Remix" - that book was the reason I joined authonomy in the first place.

I sound like a fan-girl, don't I? However, it is true. I was thinking that you and I have trod the same path to get published for the last 2 or 3 years. So far, following in your footsteps has been a damn good idea.

If you could do, I could do it.

I followed you to Authonomy, Flogging the Quill, and outward in the Indie world.

So here we go, again. lol

I sold a book on Smashwords last night, the first $.99 book. A good omen, I think.

Lexi said...

Goodness, selling a book on Smashwords is such an unusual event people have started forum threads when it happens to them! Well done. (I've sold one book on Smashwords this month, and three in December. Fairly underwhelming.)

I've been following Eric Christopherson's footsteps myself. Victorine Lieske is another to watch.

Ms Kitty said...

I know Victorine, but not Eric.

I sold a book on Kobo, too. We'll see how the goes. At least I have enough work to keep me busy while I fret over it.

Ms Kitty said...

This is a record. I sold 2 books today. One on B&N, the other on AMZN.

That is 12 books for the month. The most sales I've made since the first month (August = 16 sales).

It's possible that I could break that record, because we are going into the weekend. (I hope, I hope, I hope.)

Ms Kitty said...

It's been about a month since I dropped the price of LDL to $.99.

My sales numbers are much better, because of Barnes & Noble. The numbers are Jan = 16, Feb = 12 but the income has crashed and burned.

Jan = 20.01, Feb = 5.51 - ouch!

The price drop may have boosted sales,but income...