Sunday, January 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home

News from my home town.

I suppose that having the home town make headlines this way should make me embarrassed.

But frankly, this is why seems fitting to write a paranormal romance set in Ashtabula.


Anonymous said...

I once had sex with a woman I feared was expired. Turned out she was just English and not dead. Just reserved. Maybe he thought she was from Stratford on Avon or Tyndale. It coulda happened.
I have since been saved and no longer have sex with any woman who does not at least feign interest. I am easily fooled.
Rev. Leviticus Jackson

Ms Kitty said...


Jean Davis said...


Seriously though, head lines can be great inspiration. Maybe combine the headline with the comment. heh.

Ms Kitty said...

Is there a market for necrophilia romance?

Oh. Yeah. The Vampire books...Twilight anyone?

Rosanne Dingli said...

If you hadn't said it was your home town, I'd have asked - where do you find these things?!

Ms Kitty said...

What can I say? Some places have a history of strange behavior.

With 6 superfund (toxic waste dumps)the highest rate of cancer and mental retardation in the state of Ohio - not to mention a 35% illiteracy rate and higher poverty rate - Ashtabula County is a great place to be from. If you know what I mean!