Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mini Ice Age?

It all depends on who you talk to, or read. Some people claim that the current cold snap is 'proof' that there is no such thing as 'Global Warming.' Others insist that 'Cimate Change' has come and we, as a species, are endangering ourselves.

All I know is that its cold outside today, and it was dry, dry, dry this summer. Saying "it is" is a foolish as saying "it ain't" at this point. For one thing, we had a couple of volcanic eruptions in the past two years. For another, there was a heck of a fire in Russia this summer. You can't tell me that all that smoke and dust is NOT going to mess up the atmosphere. If there is already something going on - which there is - then it's going to make the weather worse - which it has.

Some darn fool - I erased the link after I read the post - thinks that we are going to have the coldest winter in 100 years. He sites sun-spots, El Nino~ the volcanos and climate change as coming together in the worst possible way. Yippy, skippy!

I've also noticed that gasoline is creeping back to $3 a gallon, while hay is scarce.

Fortunately, we replaced the windows in the house, put up fences and put on the back porch while the weather was good. All three are paying off. The porches have cut the sun, the windows block the wind and the fences won't blow down in this rotten weather.

We are as snug as we are going to be for the next week or two. I've got three dogs and an electric blanket to keep me from freezing tonight. I also know from the Ice Storm just how cold  and miserable it can be to try to heat this place with a fireplace. I have a propane heater just for such an occasion. Between the fireplace and the heater we should be okay. There is wood, hay and grain for the critters.

I know that I'm not prepared for the worst, but we'll be fine for a few days.

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