Friday, November 12, 2010

Interesting Times

In case you are wondering why this blog hasn't been updated in a while - life has gotten 'interesting' so a lot of the things I was planning to post this month have been put on hold.

As soon as life is properly 'boring' again, I will return.

Hopefully with a launch date for "Swallow the Moon" (but don't hold your breath.)

I AM editing "Swallow the Moon" during these interesting times.

If you want to help out while I put 'real life' first, here is a link to the first chapter of "Swallow the Moon" posted on You can read the chapter and comment or 'like' it.


Rosanne Dingli said...

I love the title, and have kicked up the link to read tomorrow. Yes - life does get in the way of stuff. I need to update my blog too. Tomorrow...
Yesterday I got a glimpse at my cover, and my publishers have put a 'coming soon' tag on their store front for According to luke. Yay!

Ms Kitty said...

Thank you!

The chaos has died down for a while. My husband wrecked his motorcycle and broke 5 ribs, Nov 2nd. The last few weeks have been really crazy. But I think I can get back on track after the Holiday.

The Sweater Curse said...

Thank you for sharing that excerpt. I enjoyed reading it.