Friday, November 5, 2010

E-Book Pricing - Part III

Sometimes you have to strike out and blaze trails. The rest of the time it is much better to get advice from someone more knowledgeable. 

I'm pleased to share this link and these quotes concerning e-book pricing from Dean Wesley Smith's blog:

"Short stories. 99 cents. Author gets about 35 cents per sale."

"Short novels and short collections (Anything from 15,000 words to 45,000 words)$2.99.
Author gets around 65% or about $1.95 per sale."

"Novels or long collections (45,000 words and up) $4.99-$5.99

Author gets around 65% or about $3.25-$4.50 per sale."

His prices are only a little different than the ones below.

$0.99 Short Shorts: Under 3K
$1.99 Shorts: 3-7K
$2.99 Stories: 7-15K
$3.99 Novelettes: 15-35K
$4.99 Novellas: 35-50K
$5.99 Novels 50-70K
$6.99 Super Novels: 70-140K
$7.99 Super XL Novels: 140-250K
$8.99 Super XXL Novels: 250K +

For more on this topic:

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Jean Davis said...

I shall tuck this away for future reference. Thanks for sharing!

Ms Kitty said...

Glad to help. These things are important - even if you go trade published it is good to know what is happening on the other side of the fence.