Thursday, September 23, 2010

Squick Time - Giant Spiders

This is just ghastly! I was mowing my lawn today and ran into a spider web. That made me hyper-sensitive to places where they hang out.

This is where it gets gross and squicky - I found a giant spider in the front. This is one of those yellow garden spiders. Only the body looked like it was the size of a very small pullet egg.

I nearly got sick looking at it. I'm terrified of these things.

There are so many here that I've started siccing the chickens on them, or spraying them if they get too close to the porch. (Anywhere I can see them is too damn close!)

I can't wait until the frost hits and these awful things are gone!


Rosanne Dingli said...

Thank goodness you are not in Australia, Kat - we have spiders here like they were invented by some fantasy author! Some burrow and eat birds! Some live in rubber boots and bite your big toe, which can paralyse you. Some build crazy untidy webs on your window frames and watch you going about your business inside. I'm not making any of this up! Cheer up... your yellow eggy thing is a relatively minor annoyance.

Jean Davis said...

Euw! Gives me the willies just thinking about it.

Spiders are good and can be pretty at a distance, but they do not belong where I am walking, my shower or other unexpected places. :)

Ms Kitty said...

Sorry, Rosanne - but I will never come visit you. I've heard stories about the toe-biting spiders.

I've got a hard time visiting Texas with their tarantulas - which are hairy but harmless. You Aussies are a hardy breed.

Jean - I'm going to have to start killing spiders. They seem to be breeding and the chickens are NOT eating them.