Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Hawk on the Chicken Coop

I wish I had a picture of it. There was a big red-tailed hawk sitting on the wire roof of chicken world today. All my baby birds are in there. I've lost over $200 worth of purchased pullets and a hundred baby ducks this year.

So while Hungry Hawk was looking at the dinner out of reach. Hubby and I had a conference. The vote was two against one - the hawk had to go.

Hubby popped him with a bb gun. Non-lethal from that distance, but painful. The hawk dropped to the ground with a squawk. Then hopped back up to take one more look at my babies before he winged off.

Too bad he doesn't eat fox.


Jean Davis said...

You lost a hundred baby ducks? That's just so sad.

Here's to hoping the hawk will stay away!

Ms Kitty said...

Hi Jean,

Yes, over the summer my duck hens hatch out batches of twenty to twenty-five babies at a time. With five of the ladies competing for the title of 'best momma' I can get a hundred to a hundred and fifty baby ducks.

Currently all the babies are in a large wire cage - with wire top. So Hungry left disappointed.