Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Garden has Eyes

Trouble poked his nose in the strawberries today. He pulled back with a jerk and a growl.

I thought I saw eyes looking back at me, something dark squatted in my berry patch.

I'm not one to poke around with my bare hands. I've been surprised by enough toothy critters to be wary. Not that I'm afraid of snakes, just spiders, still why invite a bite?

A snake would have slithered away. I don't know of any large lizards. There are many baby rabbits flooded from their burrows after all this rain. Still, it seems to me that a dog wouldn't be afraid of a baby rabbit.

Of course, my mind leans towards the fantastic: A gnome who made the stone-lined garden his home, or a leprechaun. Something my young terrier wouldn't want to tackle. A gremlin of some kind has taken up residence in my berry patch.

I suppose I could write a story about it. If I wasn't already editing "Lunch" to get it posted to the Kindle, I might take the time.

Not right now. I'm trying to get this story ready.

Maybe later.


Jean Davis said...

Sounds like an idea to put on the back burner for now. It could make a fun short story.

Ms Kitty said...

True - there will be time for that later. (G)