Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poppet Interviews Queen Tantrum

Greetings y'all, I'm back long enough to relay this link for you.

We, the ladies of cyber-space need to stick together, and promote one another's work. This is a two-fer, I get to plug both Poppet and Emma. 

Poppet Interviews Queen Tantrum

This was a revealing look at one of the most interesting ladies I met on Authonomy, by another of the most interesting ladies.

A hard rain and a cold snap has set fence construction back a day. Therefore I had time to track down a Face Book link. I'll update the Great Fence Construction Project when I've got more time. Like when it's over. Until then, enjoy.


Jean Davis said...

Good luck with the fence project!

Poppet said...

Wow - just spotted this. Emma Sweeney is an inspiration (an wonder woman in disguise). Thank you for promoting both of us