Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Equality for Women - 40 Years Later it's Still a Myth

I opened up my email today and glanced through the news feed. I found this little gem, which brings back many memories.

Sexism At Work speaks of the 1970 'uprising' at Newsweek Magazine. This was a time when women who worked at Newsweek were forbidden to write for the magazine. Called "dollies" they wrote for other magazines, just not the one they worked for.

I'm very happy to see that they have also mentioned "Men with Pens" the founder of this blog found that her income doubled when she assumed a male identity.

Oops - or maybe WTF?

Back when I was a child, I remember my mother railing against the fact that men working in her office made more money. In fact, that was one of several factors that made her open up her own business.

What I've found in my career in IT is that sexism is rampant; subtle but rampant. What has always frustrated me is that young women don't see it. I've watched the few, but brilliant, women I've worked with be passed over for promotion - just as I am. I note it, they don't seem to.

They pat their male collegues on the back, not seeing that they are far more qualified for the job than the person with less time on the job, fewer skills, but the correct gender.

So, for all of my readers who inwardly feel frustrated and can't understand why they hate their job, I give you a website: The Equality Myth. I do this because, my dear reader, you are still being paid about 25% less than the 'other' gender. If you are a writer, it's more like 50%.

Think about it, look around. Pay attention. If this is bullshit, you'll see women in half the management postitions at your job. If this is bullshit, you will earn the same paycheck as your male collegues.

You won't, you don't.

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