Friday, February 5, 2010


Yes! After months of editing and writing, and more of the same - "Swallow the Moon" broke 50,000 words! (Happy Dance!) I was starting to think that I'd never get to this point. Every time I got close I ended up cutting a different scene.

How I envy the writers who can churn out 120k words in a first draft! This is my third draft, and I'm still laboring to get to the next goal - 60k. If this book makes it to 80k I'll be surprised. "Lunch" hit 85k, or so, but each pass trimmed more until it sits at a mere 74k.

Back to work!


Jean Davis said...

I have plenty of extra words lying around from when I used to have an extreme case of the opposite problem. Maybe we could work something out. :D

Ms Kitty said...

Well, as long as they are the 'right' words - I'll take them.