Friday, January 29, 2010

Waiting for Snow

We had a taste of it earlier in the week - now I'm waiting for the real thing - there are snow warnings all over the news.

 Well, I'm ready for it. There is a new round bale in the pasture - plenty of hay in the loft - grain in the pails.

The cold is a bit scary. After so many years in the 'frozen north' snow, itself, holds no fear for me. However, aging joints don't care for the cold. My hands complain the most, and the stalls are waiting for me.

 The sparrows feast at the feeder - a small brown flock of twitters and tweets. There are no other birds this year. I think the cats ate my doves. If I didn't need the cats for rat control, I'd bell them.

The rooster Sony paces off the confines of his Kingdom guarding his hens from the Barred Rock boys. Chicken World remains closed in bad weather. No sense in advertizing my flock as a meal for passing raptors, coyotes or stray dogs.

The horses are thick-coated, frosted-breath dancers - zigzagging around the round-pen as they head for the hay.

 If I should get the young mare under saddle again - the round-pen will become my garden. Close to water - out of the way yet accessible. It will make a fine winter chicken pen as well. Chicken World Extension - a place for hens to raise their chicks, doublely protected from dogs. Then the back yard will remain clear of temporary pens. I'm sure the neighbors will appreciate it – if not then my husband will.

 My urge to purge has taken over a couple of days this week. There is a lot of junk that will need cleared from my 'office' if it is ever to lose the moniker of 'crap room.' Until then I have the Den with its fireplace, French doors and the double windows onto the kitchen as mine. I invested in some fiberboard cubes (assembly required) from Wal-mart that are very useful and nice looking. I think I'll buy three for hubby's office and give all the computer stuff a home
 My chores await – writing will have to wait as well.
My writing has slowed to a crawl. The characters mill about in my mind – but Life has taken me in a couple other directions (barn-ward today). I'm happy to report I'm not the only writer with discarded characters at her feet. Jean of Discarded Darlings has the same problem.


Jean Davis said...

Beautiful images! It's just cold here, though it was pretty for a few moments late this morning with the sun shining through the snowy branches as the wind blew thick flakes to the ground. Then it turned grey. And colder, cold enough the dog didn't even want to go out and play.

Lagging writing seems to be going around. Life can do its thing until monday.(cue the triumphant music) Monday I shall write! said...

Did your snow ever come in? We've gotten about 5-6" here, and it's still coming down.

Read your chapters 2 and 3, moving on to 4 and 5 tonight - love it!

Ms Kitty said...

We've got a dusting of snow - started falling after dark. The dogs are only out for a moment or two - then zip back to the house.

My novel has continued to slide down the chart on Authonomy. I've taken it private - then updated "Swallow the Moon" and made it public.

We'll see if a paranormal does any better.

Madison - I'm so glad that you are enjoying it.

Ms Kitty said...

The moon last night was utterly incredible. The brightest night of the year - and on the snow!

It was all blue tinted shadows and glittering ice!