Friday, January 22, 2010

A Plan for "Let's Do Lunch"

I've been thinking hard about how to proceed.

This is what I've come up with so far:

  1. Take a shot at agents. Pick 10 and send out queries.
  2. Keep building the platform.
  3. Learn how to publish via Kindle and Create space – because in June royalties from Kindle go to 70%.
  4. Try the Otherworld Publications.

I know more than I did two years ago. The manuscript is better than it was a year ago.

Amazon changes Kindle percentages in June of 2010.

We have a plan.


cygnetbrown said...

Miss Kitty, I know where you're coming from. I too have a book that I've introduced to the agents with little success and even a couple of publishing companies. I've been thinking about going the self publishing route with my fiction but I think I'll try to break the ice with a piece of nonfiction. I see you were from Ashtubula, OH. I'm from just over the line in Pennsylvania in Corry, PA I too escaped but I escaped to South Central Missouri. When asked why, I ask if they'd ever been to Northwestern PA. Usually I get a no response and I tell them that they wouldn't be asking if they had been there.

Ms Kitty said...

Hi Cygnet! I know what you mean about that part of the world - very pretty and not a whole lot going on job wise.

I'm getting ready to write my findings on self publishing - looks like Kindle is the way to go - 3 million units out and the 'average' new book is $9.99 - people are getting noticed if they price their work in the $1.99 range. But more on that later. said...

At least you have a plan. And it sounds like a good one.