Friday, January 8, 2010

Construction and Installation

We are having every window in the house replaced, in the coldest week of the year. Five inches of snow fell yesterday and more is on the way.  Temps are in the teens. The water in the barn is frozen - it has never frozen before. I may need a heat tape for it.

The snow has complicated everything. The workmen spent yesterday's snowfall huddled on my porch  bending & cutting trim. Today they are doing the inside work, because it is so damn cold. Hopefully by afternoon it will be more bearable. They have been putting in 11 and 12 hour days, bless them.

I love my windows. They are the Alaska windows from USA Windows. The change these windows have made on my house is just amazing. The house is quieter, the annoying drafts by the windows are gone. My bathroom is warm. (We had to put an electric heater in there because nobody can handle a 50 degree bathroom in the morning.) The house feels warmer at 64 degrees than it usually does a 70 degrees.

Have I mentioned how pretty the windows look? What they've done inside is lovely.

We are looking forward to seeing the impact this has on our heating and cooling bills. The windows should pay for themselves. I'll post the results as a comment.


Eric said...
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Tracy said...

Most certainly, energy-efficient windows are getting more and more popular because people see its benefits. Some says that it actually lessens electric and water bills. I've seen houses that even look lovelier outside after installing their San Francisco window replacement. Moreover, bay area windows here in our area are certainly admirable, too. Thanks for sharing this excellent post!

K. A. Jordan said...

Years later...

Yes, the windows are paying for themselves.

Between a metal roof and 'proper' windows, we've reduced the electric bill for summer and winter.

How much difference did they make?

About a hundred bucks a month in the winter, and half again as much in the summer.

We are talking about a modular home that had peak AC bills of $600 a month (not us, mind you, previous owners) reduced to just under $400.

The roof is reflective metal - we have to give credit where that is due. Blue metal instead of black shingles makes a tremendous difference.

It used to be that I could feel the heat radiate off the roof from a stepladder.

No longer.

The ceiling fans keep the air moving, and there aren't those frightening 'hot spots' at the ceilings.

Thank you technology!