Saturday, August 8, 2009

Health Care Propaganda – Blackest of the Black Lies

Bullshit by any other name would sound like this: "The government can't run a healthcare program." So what is Medicare? Medicaid? What does Congress have? What do the military and their families have for healthcare?

Notice what "they" aren’t saying: "Everybody has good medical insurance – HMO's are just fine."

We know the HMO horror stories. They all start about the same.

"I had cancer now I can't get insurance because it is an 'existing condition.'"

"I need (tests, surgery, medication, treatment, physical therapy, etc.) But my HMO insurance won't pay for it. I can't afford it. Now I can't work."

"I need open heart surgery…" People are going to India for surgery that would cost tens of thousands of dollars – here. They pay cash if they have it. If they don't – well it sucks to be them.

That's a death sentence, isn't it?

The Reactionary Id10ts of the Right are leading the attack. They must be on the payroll in the Insurance Industry. (Traitors – all of them!) Wing Nuts are bussed in to disrupt and attack politicians at Town Hall meetings. Just as the union busters were bussed into towns during the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Big Business operates on the other Golden Rule – 'We have the gold, we make the rules.' Or the short form: "frak you!"

Big Business doesn't give a damn about human beings. Big Business is a collection of non-breathing entities like the corporate dragons of 'Shadow Run' – inhuman – cold-hearted – immortal and greedy to the 100th power. We know that the most intelligent psychopaths are CEO's and CFO's. (Read 'Sharks in Suits' that will give you nightmares.) The greediest of the greedy, they work for yearly 'bonus' money – amounts that the average worker will not make in a lifetime.

Insurance companies murder by denial of service – every day – on such a staggering scale that no one – no one! – has the balls to call it what it is: Mass Murder.

"Never, ever cut a deal with a dragon." (Shadow Run saying.)

The medical insurance dragon is set up to take down the economy in a few dozen years – just as the financial insurance dragon (named AGI) took down the financial markets.

Whose side are we on? The side of the Corporate Dragons – immortal, cold-blooded and heartless coiled around their hoards of gold?

Are we going to let these lizard-hearted murders take down our seniors? They are leaving Medicaid staggering under the burden of a vanishing insurance base. (If you have no insurance and can't work – you have to go on disability (SSI) to get Medicaid. If you can get anything at all.) How long can that single healthcare provider take the burden? (Oh – wait that's government run healthcare. We have it anyway.)

We need a public option! Something where an affordable premium will enable people to keep working. Spread the cost over the largest base – and everything gets easier to afford for everyone.

Don't believe me?

Remember when computers cost millions of dollars and had – maybe - 4k of memory? Now you can get a brand new Dell laptop for $499. It has more computing power and more memory than every computer on the planet in 1979.

I rest my case.

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Anonymous said...

I want to read the health care bill. I want to know what is in it. The congress has this month to read the damn thing. If the insurance companies had any brains, they would get out in front of this thing and cooperate. Kaiser has their own hospitals, doctors, therapists, sales force, accounting department and ad agency. The folks who I have talked to love Kaiser. Kaiser is solvent. They have control of the situation. They do not want their subscribers dying. It is bad for business. So managed care can be done. It just takes the right people to do it.

The problem is that if you can not get insurance, you wind up with medical bills that will never be paid. The hospitals then pass on the cost to everyone else. This affects their basic daily rate for a room. You cannot negotiate that with them.

Insurance companies hire doctors and nurses to go over claims and deny them. Hospitals hire doctors and nurses to make sure the codes are correct. These medical professionals do not provide services, they argue over money. Guess who pays for this?

The current bill is 1,000 pages plus. I for one do not want that. I get the feeling that lobbiests are writing the bill. When it is that complicated it is not in the best interest of the American people.

Doctors get paid when we get sick. It is not health insurance, it is disease insurance.

When I worked at the Turning Point I found out that there is a two tier health care system in America.

What ever they pass, the congress, White House and Supreme Court should have to live with the basic coverage. No exceptions. That is what the folks in the town hall meetings should be asking for.
gotta go
Rev. L. Jackson