Sunday, July 19, 2009

School Days Revisited

My High School Reunion was very interesting. There were the former cheerleaders running the show. About 60 people, including spouses, were there drinking local wine and exchanging gossip. They featured a local band that used to play in the Harbor when I was writing for the Harbor Journal.

Many of my classmates still live in 'Bula. I wonder how they survive.

My husband and I are staying in the Harbor – a cute little bohemian district of little shops and restaurants, Victorian houses and fabulous lakeside homes. I have always loved the Harbor, it has its quirks and characters; it quietly thrives (for the moment) while 'uptown' has gone to rack and ruin.

Main street is a ghost town, there is literally nothing in the old shops, and weeds grow in the street. It is appallingly poor, in a shocking state of disrepair. If I get the chance I will go back and take pictures. It looks like the Harbor did in 1970 before my mother opened her business there.

The class reunion was okay – interesting like I said. But I've been able to hook up with some dear old friends (from my wasted youth) and relatives.

We've had a great time.

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Ms Kitty said...

I keep forgetting things.

The old firestation where I had Van Man Go's shop does not have bay doors. Next to the Iroquois there is a building that not only has bays, but is large enough to house a body shop the size I imagine required.

So I have to revise the manuscript to take advantage of this. I still haven't had time to get into the Iroquois, or get a picture.

The people I've spoken to are intrigued about the book. We are talking about coming back, should it be published, for book signings.

I'm trying to get enough pictures together for a Facebook page, to start advertising.