Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Hostages of Neverland

The legal battles are getting started before the King of Pop is buried. As one news commentator said: "This carnival is going to be in town for a long - long time."

What about the three children who have been left behind? Orphaned in the truest sense of the word, regardless of who their biological parents may be, their nightmares are only beginning.

Being raised by an addict is difficult enough, then to loose the only parent you know, no matter how eccentric that person may have been, is a horrible shock. Add to that the media circus that is going to continue for years, you have the makings of a soul-destroying experience.

That's before any of the OTHER craziness that was the King of Pop's legacy to his children is thrown into the mix: Money, family, fame, biological parents, legal status, the debts owed by the estate, possible future revenue that some people will do ANYTHING to obtain.

Is anyone naive enough to believe a 112 lb addict (with a $100k pharmacy bill) who had plastic surgery until he was disfigured beyond recognition was a "wonderful" father? The notorious legal problems that the King of Pop faced are an added burden for these three children. Someone is going to grill them about their father's behavior. The custody battle could go on for a decade.

The King is dead. His children remain hostage to the chaos that was his life.

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