Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Greetings from Ashtabula Harbor

Yes, we arrived at the Harbor today – checked into a Cahill House Bed & Breakfast, went to Walnut Beach and ate Capo's Pizza. Everything we could want is in walking distance – restaurants, little shops, bars, the beach, a museum and a library.

We are in a bay window of a house well over a hundred years old. The sounds of the docks, the trains, traffic down the cobbled streets are so familiar that the hair on my arms is standing up. The breeze off the lake is sweet and cool. There is no whiff of the river, or the storm drains as there is on Bridge Street, only two blocks down.

Has the Harbor changed much from the days of my 'wasted youth'? Some of the buildings are gone, most have changed hands; I hear there is a gang war going on – to be sure to have everything locked down tight. So no, not really, the Harbor was always an odd place, as beautiful and treacherous as Lake Erie herself. This is the perfect setting for characters like Van Man Go and Iris Winston.

In case you are curious this is the site for Cahill House: as you will see it is a lovely old house.


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