Thursday, July 9, 2009

Characters in the News - Caribou Barbie

We have been dissecting the people in the news – the top two are the King of Pop and a governor I will call Caribou Barbie.

I have a curious fascination for Barbie. One because she has the same hoof-in-mouth disease as the former President. Two because she's as close to a leader as the Neo-Cons have right now. Three because she's always on the tube, doing something unexpected.

Rev. L. Jackson has called her a "muppet." I disagree with that statement. If she started out a muppet she slipped her leash a long time ago. She's been on the loose, is still on the loose, only now it sounds like she may get out of the spotlight. For a time – or for all time is anybody's guess.

She's a great character! The trick is to do present this character without 'overkill' because she's already larger-than-life: A young woman with 5 kids and limitless energy, fit enough to drag nets of fish all day long, who has dedicated herself to the 'superwoman' myth AND run for the 2nd highest political office.

There is no doubt in my mind that I could do much worse than casting an antagonist in her mold. I can see her in a dozen different roles: anything from a sincere (but misguided) conservative politician, or an out-of-valium PTA mom, to a raving, hell-fire and brimstone crusader, b@lls-to-the-wall with no off switch.

The only thing I can't see her doing is sitting in a pond on a lily pad singing "It's not easy being green."


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