Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to the Re-write

What a stinking, rotten mess! This laptop went down like a ton of bricks, came back up long enough for me to pull "Lunch" and "Moon" off the hard drive, then it crashed hard.

I've changed out memory, ran and re-ran (repeat 10 times) the scandisk to fix errors, reinstalled windows, backed up the documents folder, reinstalled the software (twice) and still lost all the pictures from Ashtabula.

To err is human to really fubar your life - it takes a computer.

The good news is that as of 1 am last night, I had "Let's Do Lunch" back, and printed the first 60 pages. (Which is more than the first 3 chapters.) Scary blank pages aside (yeah well I didn't want to print it twice) I think I'm done cutting. There is the usual clean up work, that never ends. Since two days ago I didn't have a current copy (a two week old backup doesn't count.)

Have I gotten the pace fixed well enough that the editors of Black Lyon will ask for the rest? I don't know. (God, I hope so!)

For now I'm back on the newly washed porch, the dogs at my feet, the Eagles playing in the background, my laptop battery charged and the novel at my right hand.

Back to work.

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