Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tuesday, It Rained Kittens

Yes, it did.

I had a guest in the barn when we heard mewing from the loft, and a tiny kitten slipped from the loft to the shelf below. I wasn't quick enough to catch it before it tumbled down again.

That was how we discovered where Lucky hid her litter. My friend got into the loft, picking up the other four before they too, tumbled out of the loft.

We have five fat black kittens, with eyes open, teeth and claws, installed in the metal water trough where I raised the chickens. They hiss and spit at my every movement, I may not have gotten to them in time to tame them. We will see.

Lucky, as I have posted before, was a stray I picked up in a parking lot in Louisville. She had some kind of balance issue for the first months we had her. My vet called her a bobble head. Said it could be a birth defect caused by poor nutrition, or a virus caught from her mother.

Lucky is also very much in love with Trouble, rubbing against him and purring. For his part, he treats her like a chew toy.

I could make a sexist remark here, couldn't I? (G)

I've thought of showing the kittens to Trouble, to see if he will adopt them the way that Rowdy used to. Somehow, I don't think so, so we will wait on that.

I've seen dogs like Rowdy adopt cats, and cats nurse puppies, so the instinct is there. It is a matter of making everyone play nice.

I'm sure that Lucky will be glad to have me wean these little guys as soon as possible. I'll start tomorrow.

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