Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trouble - the Pen Eating Jack Russel Terrorist

Three guesses who eats pens and highlighters?

It's getting to the point where I'm going to have to take my pen into the bathroom so the little booger doesn't eat it!

I have no idea why Trouble not only eats pens left within reach, but he also climbs onto chairs and tables to get the one I'm using.

Honestly. I'm on the porch, loving the breeze and sound of the fountain while I write. But, hey, I needed a refill on my juice. Before I went in the house, I made sure the pen and highlighter were up on the table. When I came back out - my favorite blue pen was on the deck - the end chewed shut.

He had to have gotten up on the table.

JR gives me these long suffering looks as I scold Trouble. I think that JR would have me oust the little monster. Mocha watches me, until she knows I'm not mad at her. Trouble gives me his patented puppy look - all bright eyes, as innocent as he can make himself look.

It is a rough life for a dog, all morning out on the porch where they can bark at the neighbors, the horses, the cat, the chickes - you get the idea. But no, Trouble isn't happy unless he's found some way to annoy me.

Is it any wonder why he answers to 'booger,' as in 'what did you do, you little booger?'


Barb said...

It's a sign of love and affection. His way of taking an interest in your work. He can't write something, so he gives your pen a friendly chew instead.


Ms Kitty said...

At least he didn't eat the manuscript while he was at it. (G)

Do you think he's telling me to play ball instead?

Anonymous said...

This is too funny, we also have a Jack Russel Terrorist, isn't it great how they have no fear even when they should! We banned ours from the bedroom because she got protective and started eating people fingers. She is back on a strictly Alpo diet now! Tam

Ms Kitty said...

Jack Russels are one of the top three most intelligent dogs. So they develop some very strange ways of communicating with people.

Trouble is 3 this year. The pen-stealing has stopped. But he's still got enough quirks to make me laugh every day.