Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good reviews

"Let's Do Lunch" has gotten off to a good start with some nice reviews. It broke the top 100 in the 'general' chart today.

"This is a fun, light read and well written. It's extremely readable and I slipped into it very easily although I don't tend to read this genre much any more. I felt the personal descriptions were sometimes a little over-salted, but that's a moot point as the genre tends to require that anyway. I am struggling to see why Lindsey doesn't find Brandon repellant - he makes my teeth itch, lol., but then smarmy men do so perhaps others find him more attractive."

"However it's certainly worth a spin on my shelf - I'd be quite happy to while away a few hours with this when I wanted to de-stress after work. " Lallie –

I'm happy with the progress the novel has made. I'm hoping the lack of 'nit-picks' means I've finally cleaned them out.

I finished uploading the last chapter this morning. I'm hoping for more feedback on the ending. Ten days isn't long to be on a site. Most of these books seem to have long slow journeys to anywhere near the top.

So here we have my experience on the Harper Collins slush-pile. Most interesting attempt at marketing yet.

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