Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boomer – still hanging in there.

Boomer – still hanging in there.

I noted yesterday that Boomer was able to stand last night when I got home.

This morning she was flat on her back again. But she was cheerful and ate well.

This evening when I came home, she was standing. I noticed that she was close to the wall as if she were using it to support her right leg. The left wing is low, to steady her. When I look at the bedding, it looks walked on. Maybe she's been walking in circles? Leaning on the wall for support?

I figured it out. She injured her right leg. It looks like the hock can't lock. When she stands on it, the hock breaks forward like a knee. I can't tell if it's dislocated or what. Could be torn tendons, from being trampled.

I thought about it for a minute. I've already noted that she started perking up after the vitamins yesterday. So tonight I feed her some more. Didn't put them in her water, but fed them straight.

While I watched she walked a few steps, then she started to groom her self. It was really cool to see her not only standing with her tail up, but preening her feathers.

This morning she was standing when I came to see her.

She makes these contented little peeps, almost under her breath. The litter is flat, her food dish is empty. I think she's going to pull through.


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