Saturday, March 21, 2009

Heading Down the Stretch

Now that I can stop obsessing over ABNA, I'm back to adding scenes to "Swallow the Moon." I'm at a really interesting place.

Eric and June are on the back of his motorcycle traveling down the Rt 11, at about 110 mph; in a fog bank, on the wrong side of the road.

Being chased by 4 guys in a souped up SUV.

I know, I'm bordering on Overkill here. Honestly, as I wrote it, it made perfect sense. In fact, it doesn't quite go over the top, though the next couple of scenes need work. I remember getting to this point with "Besieged" how jittery I was to have the book in fragments that need rearranging and filling in.

It took me 8 years to get to first rough draft with "Besieged" and only 5 months to get to first rough draft with "Moon." Where does "Besieged" go from here? I'm done at ABNA, "Beseiged" needs the first Chapter rewritten. Agents haven't responded to my queries.

Now what?

I need to make some choices; study up and make a plan, set goals. The economy is going to pick up later this year (4th quarter). So where do I take this novel that I've worked with for so long?

Market to publishers, or self-publish?

Createspace is an option. Authonomy is an option. Harlequin is an option that pays good money. The other two are big risks. There are publishers out there. I need to find my niche.

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