Friday, February 6, 2009

Still Cleaning Up

Yes, I'm still working on getting life back to normal. There is still lots of clean up work, inside and outside. Fencing to repair, stalls to clean, ice to break, the daily stuff to do.

Yet, as I sip my morning coffee, my mind wanders to the entry in ABNA. March, until I hear something back. One more effort to get that story out into the world. It must be weary of rejection, I know that I am.

Will I make the first cut? Just one cut, that would be greater success than I've had so far. Checked the Firebrand twitter page. They are extending requests for 1 more week. I think there 3.7k

The new story has taken back seat to the weather, I need to re-read the last print out, and finish up my time line. Added a little something for the Feb challenge, a 'first dance' scene between Eric and June.

Interestingly enough it took place at the old Iroquois Club, with Pranxter playing. I recalled Mickey singing "Lights" and "Faithfully" with Penny and her late husband dancing to both songs alone on the dance floor. I cried at the memory. He was dying, everyone knew it. It was such a perfect moment, the two of them up there dancing. He was six-four and she was barely five foot, but they looked so perfect together.

It was a moment worth stealing.

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