Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, from Jordan's Croft

The disruptions have continued as I have started a new job. I could have used a couple of weeks to get our house back together, but fate had other ideas. I am back to work full time.

Today, Valentine's Day, we have been at Jordan's Croft for 4 years. We have made some serious changes to this little farm since we moved here. Repaired the damages, built the barn, replaced the roof, replaced the ruined kitchen in stages, and replaced the worn out carpeting with new durable flooring.

Now we are looking at installing a propane backup heating system. We have decided to face the fact that Global Warming = Bad Weather. Considering that electric power had gone down SOMEWHERE every winter for the last four, we would be wise to at least install a propane fireplace and a backup heater in this house.

I've got my husband heading up the research project.

Today we got my writing area set up. Bought a little glass desk for my laptop, with a stand to set the notebook that holds my printed copy of my manuscript. The chair is adjustable, so I'm in the perfect position to do a day's work. I've given up on the idea of having my own office, and taken over the den.

Let's face it, the woman of the house can't be secluded in a back room. I have to be in the center of everything, because nothing happens without me. What I didn't expect is how much I love being here. I have light enough to work, music and the fireplace, with all my books around me.

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