Monday, January 26, 2009

Progress at Last

I've been sweating bullets over the ABNA contest pitch, and I finally have one that I'm proud of! It actually says everything that I want it to say.

Seriously I've been working on some form of this pitch with my queries, some 6 months or so. This is sweaty grunt work, pitches and query letters, researching agents. The publishing industry is multi-layered, obscure and mostly hidden from sight. Like the computer industry you can find a niche, or a niche market, if you follow the threads of information scattered on the infinate and changing Internet.

The amount of information that I've had to process is staggering. Books, writer's groups, forums, blogs, agent websites, blogs, magazines, more blogs, e-publisher's sites, and their blogs. I can say truthfully that I've spent 20 hours a week on this topic for the last 3 months and 10 hours a week for 3 months before that.

I've barely scratched the surface. I'm not half-way up this bell curve, yet the view from here is pretty darn good. Just as I learned software, hardware, pcs, then networks, internet and tech support, I've studied the road to publishing until I can say my feet are firmly on the path.

I just haven't gotten anywhere, yet.

This is a process not an event. I have to gather information before I can apply it. I purchased my first pc for the word processing program, and have made my livelihood with words ever since.

This is just another step on the road.

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K. A. Jordan said...

Wow, this was an old post, that I've just seen for the first time in years.

The game changed with the Kindle, and I've never looked back.