Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Expensive Meal

He's at it again.

Trouble has now developed a taste for fine jewelry.


The first snack was one of a very expensive set of earrings. Baby blue turquoise and opal set in silver. The ear piece appears to have been swallowed. The dangle is mangled.

These were my favorite earrings.

The yesterday he made a meal of an Irish bauble, a shamrock in glass.

I caught him chewing the chain. Before he swallowed THAT.


Now he's pressed against my leg, licking my wrist. Giving me those soul-fully adoring doggy-eyes.

This has got to stop.

I may have to change his name in self-defense.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gobal - Warming or Cooling?

Hey -- I looked outside the other day and it was SNOWING. I'm talking real snow flurries, in the sunny state of Kentucky.

What the ----?

Now this is something that I had not seen. But let me tell you, the weather is a whole lot colder than it has been in the last 16 years. I've seen snow falling a couple of times since then, like tonight. It's not sticking, thank goodness. But my faith in Kentucky weather has been badly shaken. What happened to the long, lingering fall where there was 60 degree weather until January?
What happened to global warming? Climate change, the slow baking of the Earth until the poles melt and the state of California is just a few islands. You know, the ocean front property in Nevada that we were promised.

Could it all be an exaggeration? Like Obama being a Muslim? Or Peak Oil and the emanate destruction of all technology with Y2K?

Oh NOOOO, Mr. Bill! How can that be?????

Hmm, well my faith in more than Global warming has been shaken. But like any other of the wild and crazy fears that the media has harped on, this one is loosing it's credibility.

Hype, unfortunately, has it's good points. It sells papers, TV spots and makes a lot of dim-witted celebrities look good. And I'm sure that a number of people got rich over it.

Before I get off on the right(winged) foot, I do believe that we as a species have made some horrible choices. There is no doubt that we, the human species in general and the Nation of the United States in particular, are resource hogs, oil addicts and too damn greedy for our own good.

However, our beloved planet has a few more tricks up her sleeve in the name of climate. There is no predicting the weather. There are supercomputers, doo-dads and weathermen all dedicated to telling us the weekly forecast, and that is not accurate either. Let's face it, some years are colder than others.

My long-term weather forecast happens to be three horses. Oppie has a very long thick winter coat this year. Oppie is usually as slick as -- hmmm -- a politician in an election year, until January. But the last two years she has gotten furry in November, 2 months early. Ned, my 7/8ths Thoroughbred gelding, is once again as soft and furry as a kitten. (I even have a kitten to compare him to, and it is very close.)

Brown woolybears not withstanding, I'm taking a hint from the old mare, and getting ready for another early, cold winter.

So, I will fall back on nearly 50 years (gag me!) of experience to say: This is going to be a cold winter. I'm going to stock the pantry, and have the old fireplace ready to go. The flannel sheets are on the bed, the flannel PJ's out of storage. We have an electric blanket for later in the winter, and three dogs to use as foot warmers.

The crock pot is full of elk-soup, there is a fire in the fireplace. The horses have a round bale of hay in the pasture, and some square bales in the loft.

Let it snow! Let it snow, let it snow.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Favorite Sites

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

If you have ever wondered where to find a good laugh, there is one site that always gives me the giggles.

For the most funny cats on the 'intertube' try this site:

Or if you are a dog lover:

Giggles are guaranteed.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trouble Keeps His Cred

Just as gangbanger must keep up his street cred, Trouble is busy living up to his name. Besides the normal puppy stuff, chewing my slippers and stealing my underwear, he's developed one heck of a horse manure habit.

I got in my car this morning to find a shredded a horse turd in the passenger seat. Three guesses who did it and the first two don't count. I'm wondering when he got into the car. Had to have been yesterday when I was moving vehicles.

Great big nasty horse turd shredded all over the seat cover.

Thank God I put down seat covers!

Sneaky little booger!

He took off with my husband's pills this morning. (I'm thinking we should go to childproof caps, only I don't think either of us could open them.) He will 'leave it' on command, about 10% of the time. Most often he's off to the races. Today I got the drugs back with just a 'Hey.'

But I'm starting to wonder if he's going to wear a bandana and those awful baggy jeans. I've got a – pack banger -- on my hands. An adolescent dog isn't supposed to steal drugs, or leave nastiness in mom's car.

I'm going to have to limit his TV viewing, as well. Last night I caught Trouble glued to the History Channel special on the Warlock motorcycle gang. He may try to get my husband to take him out on the bike.

One biker in the family is enough.

Note to self: Don't introduce Trouble to Roadie, the min-pin. Roadie has a spiked Harley Collar and an attitude. I may never get Trouble back if he joins the biker dogs.

Oh happy day.