Friday, September 26, 2008

Current Events - Economic Chernobyl?

I have been watching with increasing horror as the economy melts down.

I'm not sure which band of brainless bags of hot air is responsible for this mess. I know that it is either the Senate or the Congress who tinkered with the regulations that SHOULD have been left in place. So now, with our nation at war on two fronts, we have our very own economic Chernobyl here at home.

When we can least afford to have two bands of brainless posturing fools clouding the waters with elephant and donkey doodoo, we also have an election. Knee-deep in ZooPoo we can kiss any rational solutions farewell.

Ah, the good old days, 1998 A mere ten years ago, the Government had a surplus, Social Security was secure, and while Americans were universally scorned, we were tolerated because we had money.

Well, I've got enough land for us to feed ourselves. Three horses to use as transportation, should "Peak Oil" prove to be reality. We will survive.

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