Monday, September 29, 2008

700 Billion are They Crazy?

Which is crazier allowing the greedy sobs on Wall Street crash and burn, or to bail them all out, give blanket amnesty to the evil geniuses who engineered this mess?

It's not like any of them will go to jail (like Martha Stewart did) they are dyed in the wool MALE evil geniuses. They will have to stop swilling Starbucks for a few weeks, God forbid they should have to suffer.

As sure as Apples are green, there will be thousands of evil geniuses profiteering off any bail out. Since we already have thousands of evil geniuses profiteering off two war zones, I think the cash cow should get off the milking stand.

Yes, the economy will flounder. Duh! Its been floundering since before we went to war. Only sufficient pain will keep Wall Street from repeating this behavior.

Nobody bailed me out when I lost all my money in the stock market. Why should the evil geniuses who fleeced me get bailed out?

Let them swing for it!


Karen Overington said...

I agree that they are nuts. Try not to dwell on it too much. Something will shake out. It always does. Until then write and submit. That is the game.

All the best,

Karen O

Ms Kitty said...

Time has an interesting article on the bailout:,8599,1845209,00.html